Custom Jewellery

Custom Jewellery

Jewellery is a very personal thing and often holds high emotional value. Together we can customise and create a piece of jewellery with your specific wishes in mind - that tells your unique story.

Maybe you have an idea for a piece for a special occasion? A heirloom you would like to modernise? Or perhaps you want to add more gemstones to a style? Feel free to get in touch and together we can look at the possibilities.

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Below you can find inspiration in some customised pieces.

Pernille Holm Chunky Gold Nugget Solitaire Ring with 0.51 ct diamondLeave To Dry Diamond Dome Ring by Pernille Holm Jewellery
Pernille Holm Hidden Gems Diamond and Gold Wedding Rings
Delicate Gold Nugget Ring with Green and Blue Diamonds
Chunky Gold Nugget Ring Diamond DeluxePernille Holm Gold Nugget Diamond Hoops Large
Pernille Holm Delicate Gold Nugget Diamond Ring with Blue Sapphire
Pernille Holm Hidden Gems Sapphire Gold Necklace
Pernille Holm Gold Nugget Diamond Necklace